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Proven Ways to Reduce Cost When Using Interstate Movers

Just because you require the services of interstate movers doesn’t mean you have to drain your checking account in the process. There are a number of methods that you can use to decrease the associated cost. The following suggestions can help you lower your overall moving costs dramatically.

Double-Up on Trucks

The surest method to decrease the cost of moving is found in using two trucks: one that you rent and one that you hire from interstate movers. Create two sections of your movable items: one that you will move in your truck (the lighter and easy items) and the others that will be moved by interstate movers (the heavier items and more perishable items).

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Them

The entire purpose of hiring interstate movers is to let them do the heavy lifting. Moving company online quote is possible if you fill out a form on our site. Allow them to focus on your heavier possessions, like pianos, dressers, TVs, valuable artwork, tables, couches and other items. Sure, you can also have them pack up boxes and other things. If you plan on taking two trucks, just leave the heavy lifting to your interstate movers.

Make it Easy to Load the Truck

Most people don’t know that interstate movers will also charge you for the heavy items that they have to move, if the distance is long or they have to trek up and down stairs in the process. To reduce your cost and the man hours of work involved, relocate your possession to the front yard before the movers arrive. This will decrease cost because fewer billable hours will be required to get your truck loaded up.

Get a Binding Estimate

There is a lot of misunderstanding that exists regarding binding and non-binding estimates. A moving attorney, Michael Garcia, explains how these function in his detailed blog that breaks down every related federal law that applies. In summation of his research and findings, a binding estimate cannot increase after the fact, but is not truly binding until the bill of lading has been signed. A non-binding estimate can legally increase by as much as 10 percent of the quoted cost to accommodate for added fees and associated courier charges. Always discuss this matter with your interstate movers. Most will be happy to provide the complete breakdown of cost once they estimate how many rooms and pounds of possessions they have to move on your behalf.

Shop for the Best Deals Beforehand

Don’t ever presume that you are getting the best deals around. England Van Lines is an interstate moving company. Instead, conduct the necessary research to assure that you are getting the best deal. A simple method of doing so involves researching quality and reputable interstate movers and requesting free in-home estimates and inspections to receive written and binding estimates. You can then compare these and shop for the best deal to be obtained. Also, don’t forget that many interstate movers will offer to match or beat competitor’s written estimates, which can allow you to find a high quality mover at a price you can afford.