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Tips for Finding Flat Rate Movers

When looking into the world of flat rate movers, the idea of guaranteed pricing can be vague. A flat rate sometimes only covers a basic package of services- not including specialized services like packing or assembly. If you try to include these into your flat rate after signing your service agreement- chances are you will see the cost of your move rise exponentially. Before delving into a seemingly cost-effective flat rate moving company, make sure you know what you’re really paying for. What are basic services? Basic moving services are bare-bones loading, transportation of property, and unloading. Also, flat rate movers don’t move at a flat pace. If you are expecting to expedite the process of moving, know that paying a flat rate will not help. In some cases, movers may actually move slower without the incentive of added fees. A local Los Angeles flat rate moving company has explained the duration of time expected to move as “whatever is necessary to adequately perform requested services.” The vagueness of their statement makes it difficult to predict what standard flat rate movers perform each task with, seeming to imply that mood or comfort of the movers may play a factor. Additional services like packing and crating, breaking down and assembly, and junk removal can always be added on top of the flat rate. However, this defeats the purpose of soliciting flat rate movers to begin with. When one considers the definition of moving, most would assume that it included boxes and packing along with loading and unloading. But to cut costs, flat rate moving companies often take the notion of “moving” literally- and thus offer the flat rate for that definition. Home movers. Most flat rate moving companies will have many additional service options with the inclusion of fees, but most companies offer free packing estimates. Some companies consider including boxes for specific items to help make the flat rate more appealing economically, but generally building your own package is much cheaper. Full-service moving companies like England Van Lines offer moving packages based on what services are actually needed, and offers flexible pricing based on the package chosen. Working with full-service package movers instead of flat rate movers can be a much simpler experience. Rather than discovering additional fees along the line, full-service package companies build your moving schedule and needs during a free consultation. Before getting on the road, its much easier to build your route and understand all the highways and avenues beforehand. The journey of moving is very much the same. When searching for a moving solution, go full-time.

England Van Lines Presents a Checklist

The other important factor when selecting your moving service, whether flat or full, is the presence of a business license. The moving companies with the best service standards can be identified based on three legislative factors:
  1. State Public Utilities License
  2. Interstate Commerce Commission License for Long Distance and Interstate Moves
  3. Low complaint rate with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Once you’ve found a list of companies you are interested in working with, make sure they have all these tacked to their professional resume. However, if you are moving locally and not moving interstate, then the second license is not necessary. Its important to go through the BBB’s list of top-rated companies, as they deal with thousands of complaints against moving companies yearly. Avoid the stress of poor service, and make sure you work with only the highly rated companies.