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Cross Country Moving and What You Should Know

Moving locally can be stressful, so it’s easy to say that cross country moving can be emotionally taxing to the point of exhaustion. But before you get the cross country moving blues, know that with the right amount of planning you can make any relocation (local or long distance) stress-free. Bay Area Moving and Planning. The main mistake most people make when moving is not planning enough. Many times inexperienced movers wait too long to look for a moving company, or go with the cheapest plan. Moving is not about saving the most money, it’s about getting the best quality for your budget. Like anything in life, finding the best quality service is about research and foresight. Here is the ideal calendar for you to begin your big moving journey.

Two to Three Months Before The Move:

Get your moving dates set- meaning the day you want to leave your old home, and the date you want to arrive at your new home. Also set a date for unpacking, and deadline to be fully unpacked. You also need the exact day you’d like all your belongings to arrive at your new address. After getting these dates set, look for a professional moving service to see if they can meet your schedule needs. A good way to start is a simple moving review search, or ask your friends for a referral to a good company. Giving yourself a good week or two to find the right moving company is also helpful. You can even request that your potential movers come see your home, to give an onsite opinion of how realistic your moving schedule is. This is also the time frame where you should start putting money aside for your “moving fund.”

One Month Before The Move:

Start packing your items. If possible, know what items you’re getting rid of, and hold a moving sale. This is a great way to make space for you to pack, and also gain a clearer vision of how much packing needs to be done. Have your inventory list ready, and begin labeling boxes. Invest in a simple and efficient box labeling system, so your movers understand where items go and which items should be handled with care. England Van Lines. If you have the time, try to go to a moving supply outlet and get your boxes in bulk. This will allow you to cut costs, and save time (rather than running around town looking for scrap boxes). Register your new address with the post office, and set an appointment with the local DMV of your new state.

One Week Before The Move:

Everything in your home should be packed, and ready to move. At this point, you should be focusing on junk removal and cleaning. If you rent your home, look at things you could do to get that deposit back. Repaint walls or clean carpets. If you’re selling your home- then hire a professional cleaning company to help you clean. If there is junk removal needed, make sure your moving company can clean the junk out before you leave. This ensures you won’t be liable for any city fines. Finally, say your goodbyes! Host a big goodbye brunch, and enjoy your last week in your old home. Taking each step in a scheduled manner, makes the process of cross country moving a lot less stressful. Moving becomes traumatizing and stressful when you don’t take the time to plan, and try to do everything at once. Honor your inner peace by planning ahead, and working with a professional moving service.